Educational Videos

Who pays mortgage brokers?

What is a mortgage broker?

Interest Only V Principal & Interest

Applying for a construction loan

Guarantor Loans

Lenders Mortgage Insurance

What is property equity?

Buying and Selling Property Simultaneously

How to save money!

Home Loan Redraw Versus Offset Account

Introduction to ZEP Finance

ZEP Learning - Interest only

Guide to cross-securitisation

Credit File Reports - All you need to know

Car Loans with ZEP Finance

Property Contracts NSW

Property Contracts Queensland

How does bridging finance work?

Using an offset account

Buying a property with friends or family

Buying land off the plan

Buying your first home

Does my equity increase my borrowing capacity

What is a deposit bond?

Your loan application needs genuine savings? What is this?

First Home Buyer Benefits - explained

How is your borrowing capacity calculated?

Managing your finances during a separation

The basics of business loans

Increasing your home loan - drawing out equity

Construction Valuations

Knowing your credit file

Finance for house and land packages

Builders Grant

Home Loan Preapprovals

Bridging Loans

Refinance Home Loan

Fixed Rate Mortgage Cliff

Upgrade or Downsize

Borrowing Capacity

Bidding at an Auction

Managing your cash flow

Credit File


Lending Terms

Security Swap

Standard Variable Rate

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